Netgear Router Setup Without Modem

It is easy for you to setup Netgear router without modem. All you would like is to access an internet interface then apply those settings. They may seem complicated but it is actually a very easy thing to do. As well as that is why one can easily setup Netgear router all by himself or herself. This blog post will provide you with the simplest thanks to install netgear wireless router without modem.

There are some of the steps that you are required to Follow

  1. Firstly, unplug the power cords of your Netgear router. In case your device features a backup battery, then you would like to get rid of it on temporary basis.
  2. Now to fix netgear router without modem, use a Cat5 ethernet cable for linking modem to Netgear router’s internet port.
  3. Use another Ethernet wire for linking the LAN ports of your Netgear router to the operating system.
  4. In case they you have taken out plug-in battery, then you will have to put it back into the device. Once, all the items are set properly, then await the lights to urge stable.
  5. After that to setup netgear router without modem, connect the Netgear router to a power source and wait for some time so that the power light turns green.
  6. Launch your internet browser as well as enter in the URL section of the web browser. When you enter the IP address, Netgear router settings will open up ahead of you.
  7. Enter the username and password on the login page to configure netgear wireless router without modem.
  8. As well as you are not able to enter the settings page, then perform the factory reset and bring the router back to the default settings.
  9. To restore the router back to the factory settings, go to advanced and then setup wizard.
  10. As well as configure netgear wireless router without modem, you will be redirected to another window. You land on this page, it will ask you internet connection type. Go to the checkbox and click on it. Now, they click on yes and hit the button of Next.
  11. As well as the type of internet connection will be detected by the setup wizard. Now, wait for the process to get completed.

Once the web connection is established, then congratulations page are going to be displayed. So, as well as this is how you install netgear wireless router without modem.